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Avalanche is a high-performance, scalable, secure, customizable and modular high-performance platform.

Avalanche is the first next-generation Blockchain that operates in a decentralized manner, in addition to using the Proof of Stake (PoS) to deliver Decentralized Finance (DeFi) demands on a global scale.

Avalanche is an open source platform that allows anyone to write smart contracts and develop DApps.

Avalanche provides an ingenious asset mechanism that can deploy and feed new markets or even integrate existing ones into a global exchange backbone.

Snow protocols form the basis of the Avalanche consensus. The platform has two consensus mechanisms:

- Avalanche (a DAG-optimized consensus): high-throughput, parallelizable, and simple to prune.

- Snowman (a chain-optimized consensus): high-throughput, totally-ordered, and best for smart contracts.

Avalanche has 3 Blockchains integrated below:

- X-Chain is a DAG-based payment chain for creating and trading smart digital assets. One of the assets traded on the X-Chain is $ AVAX, the network’s native token;

- P-Chain manages metadata about the Avalanche network. Its API allows nodes to create subnets, add validators to subnets and create block chains; and

- C-Chain is an instance of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, powered by the Avalanche consensus protocol. You can create smart contracts in the C-chain and do anything else they would do in Ethereum using the C-chain API.

Avalanche is a next generation Blockchain 3.0 platform based on a new family of consensus protocols called metastable snow.

We have observed, so far, that the evolution of Blockchain in a nutshell consists of the following:

Blockchain 1.0 (Nakamoto Consensus): digital storage and transfer of represented value, for example:

- Bitcoin: a point-to-point ATM system;

- Litecoin: a point-to-point cryptocurrency; and

- Dogecoin: a meme coin.

Blockchain 2.0 (Nakamoto consensus): specific platforms and chains of functionality represented, for example:

- Ethereum: a smart contract platform;

- Monero: privacy-oriented cryptocurrency;

- Stellar: a transfer of value between assets; and

- Dash: encryption for payments and access codes to additional resources and governance.

Avalanche represents an improvement in order of magnitude in relation to the existing protocols, as we can see in the graph below:

The classic consensus protocols have low latency and high transfer rate, however they are not adapted to a large number of participants, nor are they robust in the presence of changes in the limbs.

Nakamoto’s consensus protocols are robust and decentralized, but suffer from high confirmation latencies, low throughput and require constant energy expenditures for security.

The protocols in Avalanche’s Snow family combine the best properties of classic consensus protocols with the best of Nakamoto’s consensus protocols.

Find out more by visiting the official AVA Labs website https://avalabs.org

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Avalanche Português

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