AVA is Proof of Stake consensus platform that allows you to…


It is difficult for people to create new, expressive assets with liquidity and reach. In fact, many types of assets that currently exist are simply not traded in efficient ways. Digitize and deploy assets through AVA’s “smart assets” primitive. Do this on a new or existing market that trades these types of assets. Unlike other blockchains, such as Ethereum, digitization of assets on AVA can obey special covenants, making it highly suitable for legal compliance.


We note that subnets are not isolated networks. They are fully interoperable with the rest of the network, 170 meaning that they can atomically transact with other subnets. The subnet architecture, therefore, allows those participating to deploy blockchains which fits custom requirements. Everything is ultimately a subnetwork in AVA, including the subnetwork where the native token, AVA, resides. Its flexible architecture is secure. It enables anyone to launch their own blockchain — or subnetwork.


AVA bridges permissionless (public) and permissioned (private) blockchains in one, interoperable network. Deploy new or existing blockchains directly on AVA to leverage superior performance and security properties. Deploy a blockchain with specific rules and privacy requirements


In order to launch a new subnet, a developer will first write the code for the corresponding virtual machine, or VM. VMs provide the blueprint for deploying subnets in AVA. When ready to create a subnet, the developer specifies the VM to use, as well as the genesis state of that VM. The behavior of a chain/DAG on a given subnet is defined entirely by the VM that the subnet uses. Naturally, since a 175 subnet is just an instance of a VM, there can be arbitrarily many subnets that use the same VM. However, although many subnets may use the same VM, they maintain their own state, which is independent from that of other subnets. For simplicity, we sometimes write that a subnet “uses” a VM or that a subnet “runs” a VM. In both cases we mean that the subnet is an instance of that VM.


Interoperable and Flexible AVA is designed to be a universal and flexible infrastructure for a multitude of blockchains/assets, where the base $AVA is used for security and as a unit of account for exchange. The system is intended to support, in a value-neutral fashion, many blockchains to be built on top. The platform is designed from the ground up to make it easy to port existing blockchains onto it, to import balances, to support multiple scripting languages and virtual machines, and to meaningfully support multiple deployment 45 scenarios.

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